Blaze Manufacturing Solutions

Blaze is an award-winning specialist oil and gas industry fire safety protection company, which is headquartered in Blaze House at Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire. Although the company was already working with top names in the oil and gas industry, the firm felt it was time to promote its work in the niche market, raising its profile in the UK and worldwide.


  • Promote the work of the specialist company
  • Help the business continue to grow by enhancing profile
  • Help promote Ann and Howard Johnson as experts in the field


We constantly secure high profile media coverage in news and industry publications both locally and further afield. Along with PR, we assist with marketing initiatives, and after writing a successful business award for the company, we created a marketing campaign to spread the good news - delivering celebratory ‘Blaze’ cupcakes to clients across the North-east.


Raising the profile of the company both here in the UK and in the global oil and gas industry has seen the company continue to grow and secure major contract wins. The high success rate has resulted in the company investing half a million pounds in a new head office in Laurencekirk, and a further £30,000 in an office in Kemnay, near Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, to focus on specialist environmental engineering in 2015.

Blaze Manufacturing Solutions are a leading provider of fire safety protection and loss prevention solutions.

"Engaging Frasermedia to look after our PR was a good decision. Having a focused PR plan has undoubtedly helped build our brand, and the exposure we have had in all major media platforms has been exceptional. By the second week of January 2015, we were featured on Sky News - what a great start to the new year! There are exciting times ahead for Blaze and we look forward to continuing our work with the Frasermedia team."

Ann Johnson