Aberdeen-based reservoir engineering company Oilgen specialises in producing high-tech field history matching to forecast and improve oil and gas exploration. The company also operates an advisory service which gives clients access to lawyers, accountants, banks, oilfield services, reserves auditors, partners and operators. The company wanted to enhance its profile, both in the North-east and globally.


  • Promote the profile of Oilgen in the North-east and globally
  • Secure new contracts and make companies aware of Oilgen’s specialist skills
  • Promote Laurent Schirrer as an expert in the field


We have compiled a vast portfolio of business and news press coverage for Oilgen and its advisory service in local, national and industry publications, since we started our partnership with the firm. We arrange corporate photography and assist with the company’s website and marketing materials for use at oil exhibitions.


By publicising the specialist work of Oilgen, the company has continued to secure new contracts across the globe with major names in the industry, resulting in it moving into new premises in Aberdeen’s West End, and doubling its in-house team of experts to cope with the continuinggrowth.

The business has also successfully expanded into the American market, opening an office in Houston and investing in a new advisory service, Oilgen USA LLC.

Oilgen is a consulting company which specialises in high-tech reservoir and geological modeling to forecast and improve oil and gas production.

"Frasermedia is a great company to work with and all the staff are very professional, flexible and responsive to clients' priorities. We have used Frasermedia since Oilgen was founded in 2011 and I trust the company so much that it is as if Frasermedia staff are part of our team. I am also very impressed with Frasermedia's understanding of the local press and consider them to be a very valuable partner for our business."

Laurent Schirrer

Managing Director