North East Sensory Services

14 May 2018

North east charity launches lipreading workshop

A leading North east charity is to hold taster sessions for people interested in learning more about lip reading. 

North East Sensory Services (NESS) will launch new classes in lipreading and managing hearing loss in October, and is inviting people living with hearing loss or impairment to attend an informal workshop to find out more. 

NESS, which is based in Aberdeen and has offices across the North east of the country, supports over 6,500 people of all ages living with sensory loss. The classes are the latest in its extensive range of services, aimed at helping users lead independent and healthy lives. 

The two sessions will run on Tuesday 29th May and Thursday 31st May at NESS, John Street, Aberdeen, from 1.30-4pm, ahead of the new course launching in October. 

Libby Hillhouse, training and information officer with NESS, said: “Sensory loss can often result in people feeling isolated and we have seen that people begin to withdraw from social situations often finding it overwhelming. 

“We know that lipreading allows people to feel more confident in living with hearing loss and we are delighted to be launching a new series of classes in late Autumn. 

“About nine million people in Britain have a degree of hearing loss and the majority use lipreading to some extent. This drop-in session will let people see the exercises and activities our tutors use to develop this vital skill, while giving them the opportunity to ask questions about what is involved and, importantly, if it’s right for them.” 

Graham Findlay, CEO of NESS said: “As a charity we are constantly looking for ways to ensure our events and activities are accessible and extensive, allowing our users to live independent lives. From our Young Persons Services to our audio-visual library, NESS delivers a number of crucial services for the thousands of people living with sensory loss across the country. 

“Our lipreading courses have proven highly successful and we look forward to replicating this in October following this month’s workshop.”